Mahalo for checking-in, unfortunately applications for 2018 residencies are now closed.


What is this?
Work From Hawaii is a remote work residency program across all six islands in Hawaii.

What should I work on while I’m there?
Anything you want.

Do I get a desk?
You’ll have a workspace, but you’ll also get access to local activities, excursions, and people that are relevant to your passion.

What if I don’t work at a desk?
We got you.

What is included?
Each residency includes a round-trip flight from New York to Hawaii, access to a specialized workspace, accommodations, the opportunity to participate in three curated activities, and a per diem for meals and local transportation.

When is this happening?
All Work From Hawaii residencies will take place in September. Dates for specific workspaces may vary.

How long is it?
Eight days, seven nights — including travel time.

How many people get to go?
In 2018, the WFH Program will be accepting six residents, one for each workspace.


Which workspace should I apply for?
We recommend applying for the workspace most relevant to your professional pursuit (a side hustle works too).

Who can apply?
The program is currently only open to people who live and work in the New York City metro area.

Can I apply for a residency that’s not related to my industry?
Since each residency includes activities tailored to that particular craft, we recommend applying for the residency that is most relevant to what you do.

Why do I need to provide my Instagram handle?
We’ll be asking all residents to capture their experience and post about it on their social channels (though you don’t need to have a strong following to be considered).


Will I be filmed?
Yes, all accepted residents will be required to take part in video and/or photo shoots as part of their participation in the program.

Will you take rights to what I work on while I’m there?
Nope. We might ask you if we can promote something (while giving you full credit), but everything you create during this residency is 100% yours.

Where can I find the official rules?
Click here.

About Us

Who created this program?
This program is sponsored by Hawaii Tourism United States, the US marketing contractor for the Hawaii Tourism Authority.

What is the purpose of this program?
The WFH program celebrates the career-minded visitor and is designed to help them connect with our culture and traditions to inspire their own aspirations. The ultimate goal? To share our islands with you in a way that allows you to “come back better,” no matter what that means to you.