Tech Lab

Experience the intersection of nature and technology without leaving your chair.

This seven-day residency is curated for digital creators, designed to showcase Maui’s diverse landscape and maximize your tech inspiration. You’ll have an indoor/outdoor workspace, as well as an after-work itinerary that highlights the island’s stunning mountains, beaches, and pastures. Whether you’re a programmer, app developer, or just mining crypto on the side, this residency will help you take your project to the next level.

Please note: Applications for 2018 are now closed.

Your Workspace

Your desk setup will be designed to maximize productivity, from multiple monitors to a breathtaking view. And since no tech space would be complete without snacks, you’ll have handfuls of locally-sourced goodies on site.

What You'll Do

Gaze into deep space

Haleakala is a dormant volcano that forms more than 75% of Maui, and the location’s dry air makes it one of the world’s most desirable spots for stargazing. At the top, you’ll glimpse stunning constellations — after experiencing an incredible sunset.

According to Polynesian legend, a demigod named Maui imprisoned the sun at Haleakala in hopes of making the days longer.

Discover new microclimates

Hawaii has 10 out of the world’s 14 climate zones, and you’ll feel this weather diversity on Maui. As you explore this island, you’ll experience ever-changing weather patterns, ranging from mist-filled forests to sun-filled skies.

Study with a wayfaring master

Learn how to utilize nature as a technological tool with legendary waterman Archie Kalepa. You’ll spend the day connecting with both land and sea, exploring Kalepa’s taro patch, then heading to the ocean for canoe surfing and a wayfaring lesson.

Take a gourmet lunch break

Each WFH Residency comes with a generous budget to allow you to experience Hawaii’s unique food and drinks, and you’ll definitely want to take yours to Sheldon Simeon’s TINROOF. The restaurant boasts a modern twist on the local “plate lunch”— don’t miss the mochiko chicken (and, of course, the poke).

Chef Sheldon Simeon competed on seasons 10 and 14 of Top Chef, earning the Fan Favorite award.

Explore Maui

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